Forms are DUE!!!


Please complete all forms and give them to Mrs. Brandenberger.

Forms can also be uploaded to CHARMS (please e-mail Mrs. Brandenberger if you do this so she will know to download them)

Forms can be found in the Choir Information tab above

First Football Game!


The 1st Varsity Home Game is tomorrow evening.  The choir will be 
performing the National Anthem at the beginning of the game which 
begins at 7 pm.

All choir students are invited to come and sing- not required.  
Choir students should meet at the South Gate at 6:30 pm.  Students 
can walk into the game with the directors at this time and not pay 
for a ticket.  If you are late, you will not be allowed in without 
a game ticket.

When we are finished (around 7:10 pm), the students are dismissed to 
watch the game with friends/family or go home.  The directors are no 
longer responsible for the students at this time.

The South Gate is to the right of the stadium.   The giant scoreboard 
is at this end of the field.  You must walk from the parking lot.  
You can not drop students off at the gate.

Students should wear choir shirts or other GHS school spirit shirts.

See you tomorrow!

Stacey Brandenberger