In promotion of "On Broadway" (coming up April 7-9, with open
 masterclasses April 3-6) we are encouraging our students to sell
 tickets to the shows by having a promotional ticket sales contest. 
Tickets forms are being sent home Thursday and today.  The details 
are attached, as well as more ticket sales forms, but the big huge 
grand prize for top salespersons in each division is LUNCH WITH THE
 BROADWAY STARS on Saturday, April 8th. We had so much fun watching 
our students interact with actual Broadway performers last year; we
 hope this is a strong incentive for you to sell tickets!

We want to impress upon you the amazing, incredible experience that 
"On Broadway" offers our students!! THIS year, not only will Sydney 
Enos & Bryce Keesee-Lourigan be representing the GHS Choir with pride 
as the student Broadway performers, and our Show Choir will be 
performing their very own number as part of the show, but better 
still, more of the GISD Fine Arts Community will be involved!! There 
will be 4 professional Broadway performers, our 4 student performers,
 GHS Choir, EV Choir,  the Elementary Honor Choir, both the 
Georgettes and Sparklers dance teams, and instrumental ensembles from 
both schools! WOW!!!! Such an array of student talent alongside 
professional performers is something we do NOT want our community 
to miss!

BUT! We need your help!!!
1. Ticket sales - please (especially over spring break) go out and 
promote these shows, and the amazing student performances that will 
be included this year. The ticket prices are SUCH a good deal for 
the caliber of performances you'll see!
2. Spread the word on social media! Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, 
Instagram... anything you can do to help spread the word about 
ON BROADWAY!!! We all know how powerful social media can be if we 
choose to use it!
3. WORD OF MOUTH! - Tell your church friends, book club, 
extracurricular activity friends, your teachers, co-workers, 
ANYONE about On Broadway and how amazing it will be! (Especially 
those who attended last year! I know without a doubt that those who
 participated last year will be our greatest advertisers, because 
you were witness to the awesome performances!)
4. ***Advertising and sponsorship*** - This is the BEST place where 
you can help!!! Our Booster Club's goal is to contribute $2,500 in 
monetary support for "On Broadway." We are not asking you to 
personally donate, unless you feel so moved. What we are asking is 
for EVERY PARENT to speak to ONE business owner/community member who 
might be willing to purchase advertising, or would be willing to make 
a monetary donation towards this amazing program. Can you YOURSELF 
reach out to at least ONE business/individuals for donations and/or 
advertising? Can you PERSONALLY invite ONE friend or co-worker to the 
show? I feel if we ALL did this, we would easily meet our goal! If 
you have any questions regarding sponsorship or advertising, please 
contact Beth Baker at angelfountain08@gmail.com .

Our number one goal is to make this a positive experience, and 
successful endeavor for the Angel Fountain Educational Endowment 
(who are producing and funding this show), so that it may continue 
for all GISD students in future years!! We would love for this program 
to be an annual tradition in Georgetown, but the community needs to 
support it in order for it to continue. Please, please help do your 
part in spreading the word about this awesome experience!